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New Zealand offers wide range of courses. Basically, there are verities of courses as per your interest. You can find Study NZ by visiting Immigration NZ and the institution which are accredited by New Zealand Qualification Authority by visiting NZQA NZQA The New Zealand Qualifications Authority's primary function is to coordinate the administration and quality assurance of national qualifications in New Zealand.

NZQA works closely with other education agencies, including the Ministry of Education and the Tertiary Education Commission, to achieve the Government's education goals.

Most international students prefer to study in private college because privately funded colleges has small class, normally located in centre of city or town, designed to meet International students’ requirement such as working hours and study hours are tailor made to make sure International students can work part time without hampering their study etc.
If you are planning to study in privately funded college please be aware of some colleges who designed their own degree that is not recognized anywhere. NZQA monitors private college for their standard of education.
We recommend students to visit our Chautari forum and join our live interaction with other experienced students and research more about the course and college you going to enroll. It is worth spending some time to research and interaction before you commit big decision of your life.

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