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Application process

How to apply for colleges and universities in New Zealand

There are two processes. If you want to study in Kiwi universities and colleges, then you should apply through your agencies (if any), or you can contact the universities and colleges directly. Remember, most Kiwi universities and colleges are quite expensive for Nepali students. If you want to gain a certificate from a Kiwi institution without spending so much money, then you should consider private colleges, whose fees are more reasonable. To enroll in private institutions you need to contact them via friends studying there or directly at the College. Alternatively you can visit our Directory or Students Chautari.

How to Apply for a Full-Time Course.

If you would like to be considered for a course, complete the application form given to you, please complete the application form as fully as possible, specifying the course(s) you wish to study, and return it to the university you are applying to either by fax or by post, together with copies of your educational qualifications and any additional information. You can also apply through the internet because most universities and colleges will have online application facilities. Applications for certain courses will also require you to provide additional information. If you do not send this information your application may be rejected or you may be considered for a course at a lower level than that for which you have applied. If you apply at least 3/4 months before the session begins, then this will give you enough time to make immigration, travel and accommodation arrangements. These arrangements may take a lot of time, particularly during the summer when immigration departments are extremely busy. So give yourself the best chance and apply as early as possible. If you wish to apply to one institution only, and you already have the necessary qualifications, you may apply at any time in the applications cycle. However, before completing an application form you should contact your chosen university or college for advice.

What happens after you have applied?

Concerned universities and colleges take copies of your completed application form. They will check your application and decide if you are accepted to be enrolled on your chosen course. Then they will send you an Offer Letter to let you know that you have been accepted.


Fees vary depending on the courses and education providers. However you should pay your one year course fee in advance.

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